viens chez moi: Mel Watterson

It's viens chez moi Monday!

This month we're introducing you to one of our fave VAM gals, and friend, Mel Watterson💖

She is truly a gem and an icon. This fashionista inspires us everyday with her amazing style. A loyal customer of Wellington West, Mel is a true local supporter 👊👌

💎Name: Mel Watterson
💎Occupation: Mom, Stylist, Inspiration Instigator, Local Business Lover and Champion for my Girl Gangs. ✌
💎Favourite place in your house: Hmmm that is a tough one because I love my house....but I would have to say my piano room because my son Jack plays 80s tunes while I cook. 
💎Favourite possession: Oddly enough I am not overly attached to things...but I bought my first Louis Vuitton when I was 21 (roughly150 years ago haha🤗) as a university grad gift to myself. Saved and saved. It represented a huge accomplishment to me...even now when I look at it...I feel pride. 
💎Favourite VAM purchase: Hahaha where do I begin.. you are half my wardrobe. Let me start by saying I love everything I bought with you....I am a decisive and particular shopper so I am winning with VAM. But to narrow down...I will say the introduction to Mother jeans (every pair) BB Dakota jumpsuits...all my coats....and the delight that is Sara Duke. ❤


Follow Mel's fashion journey on instagram @melwatergirl 


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