So long, sweet summer.

This summer certainly was a sweet one.

Anyone who lives in Ottawa knows that our summers are beautiful and warm, but incredibly short. Here, summer only seems to last for two months out of the year, and then the rest of the year is frigid and cold. Luckily, this year seemed to bring on an extended summer with warm days for most of September. 

Unfortunately, the heatwave brought on a tornado to the Ottawa region and our hearts go out to all of our neighbours who lost their homes. With the tornado shutting the city down on a weekend, many small businesses in Ottawa took a hit. If you can, please donate to the Red Cross who have been providing incredible support to those who were affected. And, don't forget to give your favourite local businesses a little bit of extra love this month.

We partnered with Models International Management and Mark Raicevic to bring you a photoshoot featuring our best transitional pieces to make the crossover from summer to fall a bit easier. Enjoy xx





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