We've been crushing on this girl since we've met her 💕. Meet Heather; her place is as cool as she is. Enjoy! 🚲 img_4226 Name: Heather Andrews Occupation: Co-owner of Wheelhouse Cycle What is your favourite place/area in your home: The kitchen table Why: My apt. is teeny-tiny so the kids and I do everything there - eat, talk, read, play games. It's got the loveliest view of Landsdowne and Bank Street and I can see all my favourite things (like my Stendig calendar) from there. What is your favourite possession: My bar cart - her name is Joanie. Why: I love mid-century modern design and I love what a bar-cart represents - mixing cocktails and good times with friends. What is your favourite purchase from Viens Avec Moi : I live in my MOTHER jeans - it's got to be them ❤️ fullsizerender999 .

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