Goods in the House

Goods Shop has officially settled in nicely into our little boutique. For those unfamiliar with this locally owned, Ottawa based business, they strive to stock their shelves with unique designs and products for thoughtful living. One could say they are a conscious company; every item they have in store is there on purpose. They stock their shelves with items that not only showcase the maker’s craftsmanship, but also the creativity and hard work of those who make it. slideshow_1 Not only can you feel good about purchasing items from this little shop, you’ll find some pretty great pieces to love and bring home too! Scroll down to see our top 5 from this little section of Goods, and then head on down to VAM Boutique to give Goods a warm welcome!sex-and-jasmine Sex & Jasmine Fragrance Oilheadachebalm_v2_grande_9c09d005-5af7-4f34-ba3e-d634685dcc96_1024x1024 Headache Balmpalmistry_print_banquet_workshop_vancouver_goods_ottawa_1024x1024 Palmistry Printwood_coasters_keephouse_Made_in_nova_scotia_Goods_shop_Ottawa_1024x1024.jpg Chophouse Wood Coastercascadia_candle_box_1_1024x1024_b43b0cbc-9e62-4021-9b7f-efe5f482e36f_1024x1024 Coconut Wax CandleSee you all at the boutique this weekend (because let’s be honest, what could be better than a shop within a shop?!) VAM xo

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